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If you are not sure which baby monitor you should purchase, there are a few things you can think about to make your decision easier. The first thing I recommend that you think about is which type of infant monitor is suitable for what you need. The three main types of baby monitors are as follows:

Best Baby Monitor

Audio baby monitors - Those consist of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is placed in baby's nursery room while the receiver stays with you. You will then be able to hear any noises baby makes via the monitor.

Video baby monitors - Those consist of a small camera and a handheld television screen, and you will be able to hear and see baby with this device. Video monitors come with all different screen sizes, so if you decide to purchase a video monitor ensure you choose one which is large enough for you to view baby clearly.

Baby sensor monitors - Those usually consist of a sensor pad which is placed underneath baby's mattress, and an alarm unit which, depending on the model, is placed onto the side of the cot or is carried with the parent. Some baby sensor monitors are different and consist of a small device which is attached to baby's clothes or nappy. Baby sensor monitors sound an alarm usually after 20 seconds of no movement/breathing detected.

Another thing you should think about when choosing which baby monitor to purchase are the features available. There are basic infant monitors that come with limited features, and top of the range monitors which come with many useful extra features. One feature to consider is two-way talkback which allows you to communicate with your baby via the monitor. This means that you can respond to baby's cries with your voice via the infant monitor. There are many other features to consider such as night-light, and temperature display.

One other thing to consider is the price range. It's sometimes best to decide on a budget so that you do not end up spending more than you planned. If you set yourself a budget, you can search for the best baby monitor available within that price range.

If you have found a few infant monitor models that interest you but you are not able to come to the decision of which baby monitor you actually want to purchase, simply read reviews for the ones that interest you so you can find out which of them has the best ratings.

Best Baby Monitor


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